Fabulous Space Jewellery for Stargazers!


Using some of the most stunning and iconic images from the Nasa archives of nebulas, galaxies and the planets of our solar system, the artist has created a beautiful range of jewellery. Each piece is either presented on a greetings card or with a small photographic card with information on the reverse. Please use the contents bar on the left to browse the site.


EXCITING NEWS! Dark Skies Jewellery was recently shortlisted for the UK Festival Awards!


 If you live outside of the U.K. and would like to order then please check out my Etsy website or click on the link on the left.


Veil Nebula Earrings

Solar System Necklace

Saturn Cufflinks

Helix Nebula Keyring

    Mars Pendant

    Earth Pendant Set

    Galaxy Bangle